Real Estate Consultant and its Benefits in the Saudi Real Estate Market

Real Estate Consultancy Demand in KSA

Real estate consultancy comes against the rising mega property projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, driven by Vision 2030, which aims to make the country a pioneering global investment hub as a part of its bid to make a more diversified, resilient, and sustainable economy.


Real estate developments within the Kingdom are accelerating because the government plans to make Riyadh into one of the biggest economic cities in the world by adopting a capital development strategy. It wants to attain this by doubling the city size to accommodate 15 million people. Its expansion is being driven by the government’s program that aims to extend homeownership in the country up to 70 percent by 2030.

Real estate consultancy services in Saudi Arabia are gaining traction, boosting large-scale projects vital to the Kingdom’s comprehensive growth and development. Consultants within the field are critical to reducing risks and therefore the possibility of errors that will cause resource losses.


Major land developers in the kingdom have partnered with real estate consultants for professional and integrated solutions. Through consultancy, investors gain access to data, including technical specifications, pricing, and marketing, that may give them the ability to make a more informed decision.


Real Estate Consultants work with a wide array of clients, including construction companies, business owners, third-party investors like banks or credit unions, and even financial lenders. Real estate consultancy is delivered by prominent experts and specialists from a varied range of fields like financial, investment, construction, and contracting sectors. Consultants hope to contribute to creating the Saudi market more competitive globally by having a vibrant real estate market that fast-tracks the Kingdom’s transformation into a thriving, more sustainable, and resilient economy.


Real estate consultants with global-level experience within the sector, gained over the years in major growth markets around the world have a proven track record in the ability to supply marketing and consulting services directed to fulfill the market needs of Saudi Arabia real estate. They can contribute to the success of several major projects for clients, who are looking to get high-quality assets at competitive prices and high investment returns, or clients who are looking to invest.

Role of Real Estate Consultants:

  • Encourage investor engagement and proper planning for selecting the foremost suitable investment.
  • Advise on the foremost viable mode of transaction and investment financing for his or her clients.
  • Provides specialized investment and financial advice to clients looking to buy, sell or invest in property.
  • Work closely with people in purchasing and selling their properties.
  • Offers research and analysis in exploring the viability of mixed properties or sites.

Real Estate Consultancy in Contemporary World:


Real estate consultancy has proven its role as a propelling force behind the booming property and construction sectors within the Kingdom since the worth of the assets of the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) are expected to reach SAR 4 trillion by 2025.  Large-scale property projects in the country are driving the demand for consultancy services which, in turn, foster professionalism and competitiveness within the local property market.


Partnering with the right consultant for developers is one of the initial steps before implementing real estate projects. It requires a comprehensive study that entails the services of consultants. The benefits of hiring consultants are the extra services they offer, including market analysis/ financial modeling, viability analysis, lease management, and asset management.


Consultants add value to the industry which supports other economic sectors like tourism, hospitality, trade, retail, industry, entertainment as well as logistics through modernization and infrastructure development projects like complexes, buildings, facilities, centers, warehouses, and plenty more.

How Insights Real Estate Advisory assists its clients in real estate/construction and infrastructure advisory:


  • Feasibility Study: Evaluate properties and investments for his or her clients.
  • Highest and Best Use Study
  • Market Research Advisory
  • Real Estate Sale: Support the clients through the buying or selling process to assist them in their individual desired outcomes.
  • Real Estate Acquisition: Give an opinion on whether the investment or transaction provides solid financial sense.


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