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Insights – a pioneer firm having footprints in North America, Australia, Middle East, and Asia with specialized departments providing Financial and Risk Advisory services. Our leadership possess over 20 years of diversified experience in Financial and Risk Advisory services with hands-on experience of Audit & Assurance in both public and private sector that guides specialized teams of qualified chartered accountants and financial experts.

We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to serving our clients and community with the best advisory consultancy. The exclusivity of the financial risk management advisory team provides a better experience for the client and ensures a practical, commercially oriented, and risk-focused approach with more opportunities for value addition.

Insights Financial and Risk Advisory services experts help the companies to effectively navigate business risks and opportunities with customized approaches designed to achieve not only the risk management goals but also the overall business objectives of the client. Using industry-leading data and analytics, we provide a wide array of financial advisory consulting services aimed at empowering companies to make informed and value-added decisions and to pave the way for implementation challenges.

With the increasing level of globalization of the world economies, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are gaining importance day after day. Over 150 countries have already Implemented IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), including most G20 countries either by adopting IFRS or making preparations for its adoption and convergence. IFRS provides a common set of principles so that financial statements can be consistent, transparent, and comparable aimed at fostering trust, growth, and long-term financial stability in the global economy. Our experts highlight the main aspects of your company that would be impacted by IFRS implementation and focus on the implementation strategies for the client. This can extend to the preparation of the draft financial statements for the client under IFRS. Thus, we provide bespoke solutions to your client needs, varying from a global overview of the full scope implementation of IFRS to technical impact assessments of certain Standards.

Economic uncertainty, industrial dynamics, and legislative reform make it challenging for clients to handle long-term benefits plans for its workers. At Insights, we have an in-depth overview of administrative criteria, workflow guidance, potential financing, and performance measures relevant to benefit programs, ensuring maximum productivity and \”forward vision\” through our practice and advice. Our actuarial valuation consultants do not just provide an estimate of liability to be recorded in the financial statements, but extended disclosures in the form of an actuarial valuation report.

Today\’s companies are exposed to risks, like never before, that have the potential to kill organizations. Traditionally, the position of the internal auditor was mostly been centered on the areas of finance and compliance. As the persistence of risk in day-to-day business activities means that companies will consider risk as an integral part of the organizational strategy. Innovation has uniformly improved the frequency of business transactions, which has increased the volume and speed of product cycles. Nevertheless, in recent years, the internal audit has grown to incorporate more pragmatic roles such as risk management, IT protection coverage, business risk, and more.

Insights internal auditor experts have extensive and practical experience of establishing engagement protocols and assembling an experienced team to manage the engagement which has the relevant industry experience in monitoring key performance indicators, risks, and compliance with approved practices.

Insights believe that the important step in managing risk across the organization and enhancing control is the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). They play a very vital role in every business. SOPs are a set of policies, standards, and procedures the organization needs in the management and operations of the entire organization to ensure success. At Insights, we are well versed in carrying out system reviews and compilation of Standard Operating Procedures and suggesting improvements in systems by using proven and tested methodologies of Insights, where needed.  Further, as part of Insights, we have access to volumes of resources on best practices and industry insights on complex issues concerning planning, fund management, credit risk, and operational risk.

Our dedicated Accounting and Bookkeeping services enable companies to boost their organizational and financial dexterity by streamlining and augmenting key processes. Our services cover a range of vital areas of finance and accounting including recording financial transactions in the books of accounts, classifying the transactions into meaningful information, and summarizing the data into useful reports. The accounting data entry team, we have picked, possesses not only the required level knowledge of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) but also has sufficient skills, experience, and proficiency in the use of MS Excel and the ability to handle large amounts of Data. Moreover, they are proficient in coordinating tasks and ensuring that deadlines are met, work well in teams, and have a congenial attitude towards their co-workers.

Payroll is the least strategic and monotonous activity of the organization that takes up key resources and time for the organization.  Outsourcing this activity would enable an organization to focus on core competencies, with the aim of gaining more competitive advantage in these core areas. We provide payroll services solutions, with the aim of reducing operational costs for the clients while preserving, protecting, and enhancing the core business strategies and values of our clients.

In the current rapidly changing and turbulent world, it is vital to make the right decisions today to sustain the companies of tomorrow. Insights have a clear perspective on the pressing issues businesses are facing and a deep knowledge of industries across the economic spectrum.

Our unique `One-Firm’ approach qualifies the people of Insights to serve clients by bringing together a diversified range of competencies that transcend geographic borders and organizational lines.

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