Aerial Inspect and ML Solutions

Aerial Inspect and Machine Learning Solutions (AIMS)

Your comprehensive platform for visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing inspection data. AIMS revolutionizes the inspection process by seamlessly integrating with drone technology and empowering users to upload their data effortlessly. From solar to transmission lines and cell tower inspections, AIMS handles it all – from data processing to generating detailed reports.

Services Under AIMS

Solar Inspection Solutions

SAS provides comprehensive solar inspection solutions tailored to the needs of solar energy facilities. With our platform, users can conduct detailed inspections of solar panels, inverters, and other components to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. SAS automates data collection, analysis, and reporting, allowing solar operators to identify issues and make informed decisions quickly.

Transmission Line Monitoring

AIMS offers advanced transmission line monitoring solutions to help utilities and energy companies maintain the reliability and integrity of their transmission infrastructure. Using drone technology and advanced analytics, AIMS enables users to inspect transmission lines for defects, damage, and vegetation encroachment. By identifying potential issues early, AIMS helps prevent outages and improve overall system reliability.

Cell Tower Inspections

For telecommunications companies and tower owners, AIMS provides efficient and accurate cell tower inspection services. Our platform allows users to conduct aerial inspections of cell towers, antennas, and equipment with ease. AIMS automates the analysis of inspection data, identifying structural issues, equipment malfunctions, and other potential problems. By streamlining the inspection process, AIMS helps minimize downtime and ensure the continued operation of cell tower networks.

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