Investment Opportunities in COVID-19

Human history is one of continuous innovation and increasing productivity. Sometimes there are bumps and sluggish periods of growth along the way, but our unique ability to make and improve our own tools generally keeps progress marching forward.

We’re in one of those periods right now. COVID-19 has forced humanity to hit the accelerator on a number of trends that were already growing steadily.

Here are three of the important trends COVID has expedited, along with some of the opportunities each presents to invest and build for the future.

Medical technology

The global population is aging rapidly.

The digital revolution

The digital revolution began decades ago with personal computers and, since then, it’s had an immense impact on our society. The difference now is that its growth is getting faster and heading deeper into sectors people never imagined it would touch.

Robotics and automation

The digital revolution going on in the software, AI, and cloud computing is just one side of a high-tech coin. On the other side lies robotics and automation, industries currently flourishing as their products become capable of performing a dizzying array of tasks. Robots that climb stairs, deliver pizzas, and deftly handle complex physical challenges are finally here.

Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has emerged as a vibrant destination to do business. The country’s enormous natural resources combined with recent policies aimed at opening up the economy to foreign investment makes it the ideal place for investors looking to do business in the Middle East.

Creative Zone is your ideal partner on the ground to go through this journey:

  • Complete guidance and advice on company formation and business setup structures in Saudi Arabia.
  • Banking advice and support.
  • Incorporation of 100% foreign-owned LLCs, partnerships, and GCC-owned structures.
  • PRO and residency visa services.
  • Tax and Accounting, legal advice, and HR support.

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