KSA Al-Ula

KSA AlUla Added to “Seven Wonders of the World for 2023” list

The ancient city of AlUla in northern KSA has been added to a list of Seven Wonders of the World for 2023.

AlUla is a location with a remarkable history and cultural legacy. However, until recently, very few people outside of Arabia were familiar with or traveled to the area.

Aaron Millar, An Award-Wining travel writer, created the list. According to him, the site revealed a 200,000-year-old piece of Arabian history when it was formally opened to visitors by the end of 2022.

UNESCO World Heritage site is famous worldwide for monumental tombs carved into the stark red sandstone cliffs at Hegra. According to estimates, less than 5% of the entire site has reportedly been unearthed.

The Mont Saint-Michel in France, the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, the Tiger\’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan, Cappadocia in Turkey, the Lake District in the UK, and the sardine run in South Africa were also included on Millar\’s list of places to visit.

It was for this reason that Millar made the decision to add seven new wonders of the world to his list each year. He wrote that he chose \”the most awe-inspiring places on the planet for star-gazing, wildlife spotting, and astonishing panoramas.\”

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