Payroll Services in KSA

Need for Payroll Services in KSA:

  • While operating across borders and employing an international workforce, one needs careful planning and scrutiny so that you are both fully compliant with your HR policies and procedures, and more importantly with local regulatory requirements. Companies that are non-compliant will risk facing legal sanctions including fines, being banned from applying for new work permits, and may suffer reputational damage.

What we offer:

  • The payroll services from Insights are customized to business needs, ensuring that you adhere to all local laws and regulations while easing the strain on you.
  • By partnering with Insights, you can be sure of satisfying all these expectations with a consistently exceptional global payroll service. Our ability to deliver fully compliant payrolls, payments, and regulatory returns – right first time, every month – is based on our ongoing services are the following:

Approach & Methodology for Payroll Services:


  • Manage the complete attendance records of employees even working at multiple locations using Time Attendance Machine.
  • Obtain monthly payroll information in a prescribed form from management regarding:
  • Attendance
  • Deductions
  • Changes in salaries
  • Manage any Type of Leaves as per Company Policy (Casual, Sick, Annual, Maternity, Paternity, Full Leave, Half Leave, Short Leave, etc.)
  • Prepare monthly payroll for the staff on the basis of details of benefits (overtime, PF, travel allowance, mobile allowance, or any other allowances), tax deduction and adjustments, loan & advances, arrears, or any other earnings/deductions.
  • Maintain the complete process of Full & Final Settlement by ensuring that after resignation the employee gets paid for the last working month plus any additional earnings or deductions.
  • Send payroll for management approval and transfer of amount for salary payments and withholding tax payments.
  • After approval of payroll by the management, transfer salaries to the individual account of the employees after deducting tax and other authorized deductions.Courtesy: Payroll Services in Dubai

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