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Requirement of Business Plan in KSA:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a large economy in the Middle East with an estimated population of 32 million and possesses a high growth market that provides substantial opportunities for corporations of diverse industries.

As Saudi Vision 2030 has induced significant foreign direct investment and several international businesses and investors to visit KSA for the purpose to establish ventures in the country to optimize growing opportunities.  The revealed vision 2030 of KSA puts forth a nationwide agenda for socio-economic reforms to invite investments from worldwide corners in areas such as tourism, energy, real estate, health care, food, and manufacturing ventures.

How Insights Assist in Business Plan:

Insights are among the leading advisory firm that provides a versatile range of services in corporate finance and deals advisory and provide a bright platform for new investors to get their business plan formulated from it.

We know that the business plan defines the strategic direction of the company in form of a business plan which covers areas such as core activities, core competencies, and guidance on restructuring or growth of the business.  As a business consultant, it requires having an understanding of business operations, expectations of stakeholders concerning growth initiatives, devising financial analysis, pursuing market analysis, conducting competitor analysis, and analyzing HR policies of the business.

Insights hold effective approach and methodology for determination of business needs and expectations, formulation of client service plan, multi-disciplinary approach towards task execution, transparent communication with a client concerning the perception of service being provided, and fortifying client relationship.

The business plan usually includes analysis of industry and market which entails demand and supply, and competition insights, enhancing organization structure, and formulating a marketing strategy. We not only customize the business plan as per the needs of our clients, but also assist them in exploring appropriate sources, business plan documentation and profiling, and mitigation of risks of the client’s business. The aforementioned exercise results in a transparent vision of the client’s business and the determination of milestones to mitigate barriers in growth and improve market competitiveness.

Use of Business Plan in the financial and capital markets:

In the current circumstance, there is an inevitable need for a business plan for business arising due to the factors like a requirement for guidance regarding various phases of managing, structuring, and expanding the business.

  • It plays a major role in the informed decision-making of different stakeholders such as a bank that requires a business plan as a part of the loan approval process.
  • It demonstrates the feasibility and viability of the business projects; this involves transforming the business initiatives into numbers and forecasts to conclude whether the project is feasible or not; it takes a futuristic jump to envision the practical implication of pursuing the business objectives.
  • It acts as a bridge for the management to communicate the goals and objectives to the shareholders conveying a common direction to the owners, since the owners are the risk-takers, effectively a business plan allows them to manage risk by drawing up projections of revenue, expenditure, and analyzing the market and competitive elements.
  • It is required for the fundraising purpose in the Startups
  • It is necessary for the corporates seeking for IPOs and listing in parallel markets as the equity raised by primary and secondary offerings need to represent a plan for use of the fund. Right issues/Bonus/Share Splits all require a concrete business plan before the transaction start.
  • It is needed for restructuring purposes of the organization i.e., operational/financial/turnover strategy.
  • It is often required for option analysis purposes when an organization is in the decision-making process for some CAPEX planning etc.

How our Business Plan is a valuable addition to the client’s organization?

Diving deep into strategy formulation for the client in the business plan, we at insights devise the structure of strategy intending to maximize the value of the business and reach full potential in business operations adopting a consistent business model. We opt for an integrative approach towards optimizing the business design resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness, this is achieved by asserting on simplified processes, procurement, and supply chain process. Our value-focused business model involves assessing liquidity needs and suitable capital structure of the client’s business and integrated financial planning. On the side of operations, we assist in attaining savings and improving efficiencies via analytical comprehension of cost factors to provide for a cost-efficient environment, subsequently, an emphasis is given on product cost reduction by execution of innovative re-engineering of business processes.

We believe that the client is not only served by merely accomplishing the required service but also by providing customer care support to have feedback regarding the client\’s experience of the assignment and the impact our business plan creates in the client initiative and organizations.

Let Insights be your Business Partner!

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