Biggest Oil and Gas Companies in the World 2020, Aramco is at 3rd

Biggest Oil and Gas Companies in the World Sector Overview:


PetroChina and Sinopec Group are ahead of Saudi Aramco and BP on the list of the world\’s largest oil and gas firms in 2020, Biggest Oil and Gas Companies in the World with sales ranging from $270 billion to $280 billion. While the two Chinese companies gained from their country\’s strong control of the coronavirus pandemic, their 2020 sales are still between 25 and 35 percent lower than those of 2019.


Oil and gas industry dollar revenues declined in 2020, according to the Forbes Global 2000. Royal Dutch Shell\’s income has dropped by more than half. Exxon Mobil, which came in sixth place, saw its revenue drop by 35% in 2020, while Chevron\’s sales fell by 40% from the previous year. Russian company Gazprom came in rank 9 in 2020, while Rosneft did not make the top 10 last year, having been kicked out by Ohio-based Marathon Petroleum.
Except in a crisis, three-digit sales in the billions are not rare in the oil and gas industry, but revenues are known to fluctuate significantly in response to the price of crude oil on the global market. Sinopec, for example, has merged its energy and chemicals businesses.
Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian oil firm, was a newcomer to the list in 2018. The oil company, which is still largely owned by the government, released financial figures for the first time that year in preparation for its initial public offering, which took place in December 2019. Since the company was nationalized in the 1970s, Saudi Aramco\’s accounts had remained mostly secret.

List of the Top Oil and Gas Companies:
We have compiled below the list of the best and the top oil and gas companies in the world. All these companies belong to the top 100 oil and gas companies, top 10 oil and gas companies in the world 2021, top oil companies in the world from oil and gas companies in UAE, Qatar, Dubai UAE.
The list also contains the oil and gas companies in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Abu Dhabi UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, the middle east, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, oil and gas companies in India, Texas USA and various other parts of the world.
Below is the list of the world’s top oil and gas companies they broadly covered MENA (the Middle East and North Africa), Asia Pacific, Europe, Australia, UK, and America regions (US).

Note: This list of companies is a ranking based on total revenue criteria. This list is only for information purposes.


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